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Come say hello
237 5 The majority of tinder plus unlocked
by nrtalexpe
     SWATH Tournaments
Past Tournaments
Four Corners of Doom Tournament , Top 25 , SWATH Divisions
1333 111 Here get animal jam gift codes
by cnrn3l
Future tournaments 128 4 Next live tournament
by RyanTheGr8
SWATH 1 v 1 battles
Plain and simple - who would win in a fight?
158 15 Doctor Manhattan vs Superman
by Daedric Lord
SWATH Respect
Have a character who doesn't get enough credit either in canon or the SWATHverse?! Tell us about them here!
2 2 The tinder super like button
by wyr3zili3nwe
New SWATH characters
Submit new characters for consideration in future tournaments.
47 12 Kylo Ren
by RyanTheGr8
     SWATH Season
Season battles
SWATH Season Conferences & Schedule
535 38 Goku Vs Frieza - Independent Division
by Mister Green
     All things SWATH
SWATH discussion
Top lists
Let's talk about SWATH baby...lets talk about you and me...
380 31 Killer Drunk's Ahhh What???
by Killer Drunk
SWATH movie reviews
The Beer theater and beyond
278 46 Batman v Superman: The Apokoliptic Tragedy
by RyanTheGr8
Video Games
SWATH video game reviews
pew pew
196 25 The majority of tinder session plus valide
by kireine
TV & Netflix
What are you watching???
226 21 Coming To Netflix
by Vaupelo17
Comics & Books
What are you reading now?
65 11 #ogf's Comic Reviews
by obsessivegirlfan
Where have we been, and where we are going
46 3 Des Moines Comic Con
by obsessivegirlfan
Fake Wrestling 49 4 Wrestlemania 31
by Supercallo
Old Post Dump
We could call it the Jedi Archives...but we didnt
61 7 Four Corners of Doom Venue suggestions
by CommZod

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