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First off, this is not my review of the movie.  This is only to address the glaring lack of the actual point of the movie and that was to set up the Justice League, told in a SWATH rage (Hulk Smash)...so pardon me if it comes off as that.   

Judging from the first look at deleted scenes, its painfully obvious that they had intended to bring Darkseid in, in a big way, and then scrapped it leaving us with more holes than Arnold's jacket in Terminator 2 after the first battle with The T-1000.  

We actually get to see a friggin Boom Tube in the origin of Cyborg and then we hear Lex and his incoherent ramblings at the end warning us of someone who is coming, coupled with Bruce talking about how they all need to get together because of a feeling.  WTF.  Are you kidding me right now? The only way any of this shit makes sense is if you have extensive comic/SWATH knowledge or are just a DC fanboy.   Otherwise you would have 0 clue as to what any of it means.   

This is what should have happened - keep in mind this is because Darkseid knows only 2 people on the planet have the ability to "kill" Superman, and Supes is the only one on Earth who could stop him:
  1. Right after the scene with Bruce Wayne in the streets while Supes is fighting Zod we see Lex Luthor.  He is being told by some crazy alien looking dude (minion of Darkseid) that if he gets rid of Superman he can be head meatbag of Earth after Darkseid takes over.
  2. We then see Darkseid (or he is eluded to) using some kind of Apokolips tech to influence Bruce Wayne's already existing rage towards to Superman in an effort to build a case for taking him out, this will explain all of the dreams Bruce has throughout the movie.
  3. Darkseid's minion directs Lex to get access to the Kyrptonian ship as well as Zods body.  It basically walks him through getting everything set up for the creation of Doomsday.
  4. We then see the deleted scene at the end when Lex gets arrested as well as possibly seeing the darkseid minion for the first time in a kind of reveal type shot.
  5. Bruce hears the debriefing from the SWAT team about what they saw and figures out his dreams are not just dreams.  This makes the conversation with Wonder Woman make alot more sense.
  6. Lex and his crazy talk at the end of the movie ties it all together.

Boom roasted.  That would have added maybe 10 mins to the entire movie and filled in alot of the BS holes that pissed me off.

So this is a good what if, that was probably their plan all along.  As for my actual review of what we DID get to see, I will do that later and on the next podcast, which you can listen to here: http://geekabytes.libsyn.com/podcast


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