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Ryan's Review

Edge of Tomorrow
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Going in...
Seemed to be a cross between any WWII D-Day movie and a futuristic Sci Fi story.  I typically enjoy Tom Cruise movies, and liked his recent film, Oblivion so I was decently optimistic about this one.

My take on the villains:
Holy shit.  Those are some bad ass aliens.  But one could argue the real aliens are on the human side, as they often are in these types of movies, in the form of ignorant decision makers.  Anyway, the alien invaders have a unique trait in that if one of their "Alphas" (the biggest of the bunch) are killed, they can reset the day and start over keeping the knowledge of everything prior.  This can seemingly go on forever making them quite the perfect adversary for any planet they land on.  At the end of the day even one of the footsolider type of aliens could effectively eliminate any ground force we have today.  So you can imagine it would take a ton of technology to fight them.  And thats the basis of the movie.  Humans have invented a type of exo suit that can battle these things and theoretically take them all out.    

The rest:
In a very War of the Worlds type vulnerability it turns out the aliens do indeed have a weakness...TOM CRUISE!  jk, he just gets lucky.  If a human some how comes into contact with an Alpha's blood (which of course happens) they inherit their power of time manipulation.  So here comes Groundhog Day revisited and our hero goes through the same shit over and over until he finds the Full Metal Bitch, the other hero who happened to come into contact with said alien blood and they eventually figure out where the Alien Queen, affectionately known as the Omega is hiding and kick her ass in the ultimate underdog ending.

Overall - I may have dumbed it down a bit for the sake of this spoiler ridden review, but the story is quite good.  They leave enough to the imagination that there really aren't any plot holes and while the ending could be confusing to some, it made perfect sense to me.  

This movie is basically a giant video game epic...with a single place to save your game.  All gamers who like RPGs will get a kick out of that reference.  
Ryan's rating: 8/10
Bonus Scene & Easter Eggs: 
Nothing major to note, but Rita Vrataski's (the Full Metal Bitch) sword looks an awful like Cloud Strife's buster sword.  Which I was totally ok with. 


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