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Ryan's Review

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Going in...
The last time a Godzilla movie came out in the US, it was a flaming pile of Raptor shit that reminded me more of Jurassic Park by the time it was over then anything remotely close to an actual Godzilla movie.  So, I did not have high expectations.   

My take on the villains:
So the villain(s) ended up being the Mothra-esque monsters and Godzilla, along with Kickass and Walter White were our saviors.  Probably not the heroes we deserved, but the ones we needed...or something.  Yeah.  Anyway, the 2 "evil" monsters were spot on and it was great to see them fight Godzilla.  They were scary as hell and loved to eat nukes, which never a good combo.

The rest:
The story was pretty damn good.  I thought the human to human plot was about as good as you could get in a movie like this, but the whole point of the movie was Godzilla...and he had about as much screen time as Batman (in the suit) did in The Dark Knight Rises.  Which really wasnt much at all.  That of course means there was even less Monster vs Monster action.  

Overall - good story but not enough Godzilla fighting other monsters for me, although the battles we did get to see were fantastic.  
Ryan's rating: 8/10
Bonus Scene & Easter Eggs: 
Nothing major to note, but it was cool to see everything start in Japan.  



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I agree, Ryan. This movie really blew all my expectations out of the water. I thought Americans could never do a good Godzilla movie but this movie his all the right spots.

*Spoilers Begin*

I wish Brian Cranston had lasted the whole movie, as the main character was not as interesting, but of course Cranston is just a powerhouse actor and they definitely needed him to make me care about the mom 5 minutes in.

Also there is NO monster fight until the last 20 minutes or so but the blue balls from waiting makes it totally worth it. One of the best monster movies I've ever seen, I'd put this above pacific rim in terms of giant cgi things fighting.


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