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Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern has had a pretty terrible time in SWATH Tournaments.  He loses, on average, about 70% of the time.

While he does have a few singles victories over some respected opponents, most of his match ups go very poorly and we need to change that!  

I will not be including anything related to the live action movie because we all know that didnt do him any favors in SWATH!

Keep in mind Hal was chosen out of everyone on the planet to be the bearer of the ring.  He is a man totally without fear.

Despite his bad rap and history, Hal has still managed to defeat the likes of Venom and Optimus Prime in singles competition.  Outside of SWATH, he has defeated beings such as Sinestro, Mongul, and even the entire JLA on one occasion. In the future when his evil side, Parallax, went rogue and nearly destroyed and recreated the universe, an alternate Hal from the past was not only able to match Parallax's will but fought him to a stalemate, while the most powerful beings couldn't scratch him



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