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Poll Results
 Cyber Sub-Zero vs. Grey Fox
 Cyber Sub-Zero 7 41%
 Grey Fox 10 58%
Total votes: 17. This poll has been closed.

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SWATH Legend
Posts: 249
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I can still see ice being a problem but I see these 2 fighting on the same level otherwise.

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SWATH Founder
Posts: 790
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Id really like to just play this one out Mortal Kombat style on PS3.   


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SWATH Expert
Posts: 403
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Grey Fox's weapons would also be a nice plus. I know that the classic Sub-Zero had a sword, I never played Mortal Kombat 2011 enough to see if any of the weapons from previous games carried over, or if CSZ could conjure up any other sort of 'ice-weapon'....

I think I know who I am putting my vote for.

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