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Poll Results
 Invincible vs Hal Jordan
 Invincible 15 93%
 Hal Jordan 1 6%
Total votes: 16. This poll has been closed.

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SWATH Expert
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Logic suggests that experience is a huge factor. Gal Jordan doesn't know how to take on Superman-level big dogs? Hal Jordan doesn't know how to defend himself against brute strength? Half Jordan wasn't trained by the best Lanterns in history to defend himself against foes that are faster and stronger than him? How in God's name has he survives this long? (I don't want to hear any 'well he's already died once' crap either) Point is, Hal is the best Green Lantern because he fears nothing, can come up with some flat out amazing constructs and has great battle senses.

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Id love to vote for Hal, I really would, but I dont picture a win for him any way shape or form.

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SWATH Founder
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With the way Superman can smash through anything Hal Jordan puts up, I dont think Invincible would have much trouble.  I think he takes it 10/10 times

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