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Ryan's Review

Man of Steel
Times watched: 5


Going in...
I tempered my expectations going into Man of Steel basically due to the fact that its super stupid hard to put a legit Superman on screen.  For example, to me, Superman Returns ended after he saved the airplane.  That scene was awesome!  But the rest of the movie was reminded me of a superhero take on the second coming of Christ.  So Man of Steel was probably going to suck, but Im an optimist and thought there was a chance it would be epic.
From the extended opening battle for Krypton to the outrageous fight scene at the end of the movie, they did a great job with the action sequences.  It reminded me alot of the Justice League cartoon battles and to some degree with clashes in the comics and thats a good thing.  Unfortunately, it almost all goes down hill from there.  
My take on the villains:
Michael Shannon played an outstanding General Zod.  I thought he did exactly what he needed to do to make that character shine.  The problem I had with him was how fast and convient things happened for him.  Making the Phantom Zone prision a hyper drive ship?  What?  How quickly he learned his new powers on Earth, especially how well he was able to fly once that went down.  I mean come on, I know its a comics movie but they tried to make it very Dark Knightesque in that its something you could believe.  Thats great and all but then dont pull stuff like that.  
As for the rest of the baddies, Faora was probably more epic then Zod was in terms of bad assery.  She was simply amazing.  I think I have a crush on her now or something, its wierd.  Think about all the crazy things she could do to m.... sorry getting off topic there.  She was outstanding and has already been in a SWATH Tournament if that tells you anything.  The rest of the Kryptonians were kind after thoughts though I did appreciate the nod to Non (the big dude in Superman II)
The rest:
How do people not connect the dots to Clark Kent and Superman???  OMG its the most obvious thing ever!  Especially when he tells the military he is from Kansas.  Couldnt they just look up where the alien ships landed and be like, oh yeah its probably that dude.  F.  
The plot leaves something to be desired, but its not terrible.  The stuff with Lois is ok, again not terrible.  And Morpheus being in charge of the Daily Planet was a nice touch.  Overall a decent movie but more importantly its the best Superman movie ever made.
Ryan's rating: 7.5/10
Bonus Scene & Easter Eggs:
Ill be honest, I desperately wanted some kind of tie in to TDKR in the movie.  And kept waiting for it to happen and it didnt.  I mean how cool would it have been if Superman had pulled Batman out of the Bat at the end of the last movie.  Since there wasnt a bonus scene, the subtle easter eggs were the talk of the geek community.  The Wayne Enterprises satellite was cool, the Keep Calm and Call Batman poster made me laugh, and all the Lex Corp references were well placed.  Oh yeah, and Blaze Comics FTW! 



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MrCrowley's review:

Man of Steel:  You Can't Polish a Turd...or Can You?

Times Seen:  3

Expectations Before:  Super Low

Here is my 100% non-biased and totally sober review of the latest Superman flick, Man of Steel.  Yes, this movie has been out for quite some time now but the Gr8 One and I wanted to review a film that has fans and critics arguing.  So put on your tights and get ready to fly with me on a...I can't even finish that sentence.

Before I fly into this review (see what I did there?) I need to make sure that you all understand a few things.  The first is that Superman is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.  Supes is even higher on that list than Plastic Man.  What I don't like are the plethora of Kryptonian knock offs that DC has done.  Superman Prime, Superboy, Superdog, Super Girl, Super Woman, Superman's Plumber, Superman's counsin's doctor's butcher's sister's Super Gynecologist.  It's out of control.

The next thing you should know is that, in my opinion, the only "good" Superman movie before this was the Richard Donner cut of Superman/Superman II.  The rest, including Superman and Superman II as released, were awful.  They were beyond awful.  They were super awful.  Because of the super awful status of every Superman movie ever made my expectations for this movie were super low. That is to say, I had zero expectations.

When I first saw Man of Steel in the theater I was absolutely blown away.  I immediately ranked this movie as one of the best of the year and I may or may not have given it a 9.  In retrospect and after viewing Man of Steel a couple of more times I realize that my initial rating was more than generous.  It was just wrong.

But who can blame me?  Like I said before, there hasn't been a good Supes movie.  Never.  They've all sucked.  Man of Steel was different than all of them in one respect, it didn't suck...as much.  The special effects were well done.  His origin story was basically the same.  Lois Lane was actually attractive (Margo Kidder was never attractive and the Superman Returns version of Lois was just...just...wrong).  Even Faora-Ul was hotter than the original.  

In the end Man of Steel still wasn't what it could've been.  The "S" stands for hope thing pretty much sums up everything wrong with this movie.  So let's just cover these real quick, shall we?  1.  Clark was too emo  2.  Clark had to find himself  3.  No sexual tension between Supes and Lois  4.  The hope thing  5.  Superman doesn't seem too concerned with protecting humans  6.  Superman doesn't seem too concerned with everyone knowing that he's Clark Kent  7.  Superman doesn't seem too concerned with protecting humans  8.  Lots of humans die in Metropolis  9.  Lots of humans die in Kansas  10.  Superman doesn't seem too concerned with protecting humans.  And I didn't even bring up how Clark's dad dies to protect his "secret" but all of a sudden his real dad shows up and Clark's like, "screw my secret"?  What, did Russel Crowe's beard hypnotize him into revealing his secret?  Hell, the police in Smallville now know who Clark really is so is it even really a secret anymore?????

The movie basically ends up being an OK set up movie for the much anticipated Superman vs Batman movie.  For me, it just got too many things wrong.  Superman kills Zod?  Zod tries to turn the planet into Krypton?  Didn't Lex Luther try do that in the last flop of a Superman movie?  (Yes, I know it was just part of the planet...just making a point)  It just seemed like a more polished version of Superman Returns...and in that respect I guess you can polish a turd.

I give Man of Steel a 5 and it's still the best Superman movie ever!!



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Two big, negative things come to mind when I think about this movie: The first being the dialogue. When any character says anything in this movie (With the acception of Crowe and Fishborne) makes me want to rip my ears off. When Zod was being taken away that was the perfect time for a Mission Impossible 3 style monologue:

But what do we get? "I will find him. I will find him. I will find him! I will find him! I will find him!"


The second is Kevin Costner's death. One of my favorite things from the first Superman movie was the death of papa Kent. Superman can lift cars and run faster than cars and trains at this point but for all his powers there was nothing he could do to save his own father. That character arc was one of my favorite scenes in superhero movie history and they replaced that with Kevin Costner getting eaten by a tornado and telling clark "No, don't risk your super speed that nobody would probably see, I'd rather die and make you go through an emo journey of self discovery."

That said I love how this movie portrayed kryptonian powers in general. Superman's super hearing in school, super speed with Faora, flight and super punching . . . all beautiful. Dubstep metropolis, completely awesome, now they just need a more compelling story and dialogue . . . and also to not make Jessie Eisenberg a street-tough Lex Luthor.



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