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 Yoda against Vader
 Yoda 15 62%
 Darth Vader 9 37%
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I think Yoda would take this no matter if he was fighting human Anakin or machine Anakin. I don't think he would even need a lightsaber to defeat the human version. Anakin was so far immersed in his hatred at this time, it would have been easy for Yoda to get inside his mind. The more Yoda does his flips and dodges Anakin's attacks, the more angry he would become and made several grave mistakes.

Now, machine Vader as we know and love him.. that would be a slightly different story. Yoda would duel him and the tactics in the above paragraph just wouldn't work. He'd have to use more force power than lightsaber skills, but in the end, he would win.

Daedric Lord

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I say Yoda he is more experienced and had trained him at one point
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